Entry #17

It's been way too long...

2015-01-25 14:55:17 by SuperDragonMasters

So it's been over a year since my last post and I just left without saying anything. And now I'm back but only to say that I won't be around on Newgrounds anymore sadly.... Yeah... And I really mean it. :(

I suck at updating posts! DX

And I'll say this: Goodbye to SuperDragonMasters and hello to InfernoZtorm. (That old username is really childish so I've changed it)


and I wanna give a vote of thanks to all who enjoyed my remixes in 8-bit and from Mario Paint. Sorry I didn't do a lot but I enjoyed doing them nonetheless. I was about to start using FL studio (yeah can't believe I still have it  :P) but I just don't have any inspiration to do so.

And also want to thank a lot of people here on NG that have inspired me to do great stuff. (They're not really that great but whatever. :|)

I'm still planning on doing 3D programming and such but I haven't been making any progress lately because of many other junk that be going on.


AND THAT'S IT! I've got nothing else to say.

If you want to find me, you can click on those websites to the left on my home page. Those are the other websites I've been on for a while now.





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