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So it's been over a year since my last post and I just left without saying anything. And now I'm back but only to say that I won't be around on Newgrounds anymore sadly.... Yeah... And I really mean it. :(

I suck at updating posts! DX

And I'll say this: Goodbye to SuperDragonMasters and hello to InfernoZtorm. (That old username is really childish so I've changed it)


and I wanna give a vote of thanks to all who enjoyed my remixes in 8-bit and from Mario Paint. Sorry I didn't do a lot but I enjoyed doing them nonetheless. I was about to start using FL studio (yeah can't believe I still have it  :P) but I just don't have any inspiration to do so.

And also want to thank a lot of people here on NG that have inspired me to do great stuff. (They're not really that great but whatever. :|)

I'm still planning on doing 3D programming and such but I haven't been making any progress lately because of many other junk that be going on.


AND THAT'S IT! I've got nothing else to say.

If you want to find me, you can click on those websites to the left on my home page. Those are the other websites I've been on for a while now.




Remember on my last post saying I'm moving on during the beginning of the new year.

Perhaps I was a little too harsh on myself when I posted it so I made a little post journal at DeviantART.

It just says that I had this little guilt of just banishing my WIP 8-bit projects for a while now and it's been bothering me.

So I'm just gonna put my future plans aside and start finishing what needs to be done.

A Merry Christmas to All! *Along with an Important Message*

2013-12-24 09:25:45 by SuperDragonMasters


To all who subscibed to me on YouTube and my fans here on Newgrounds, Thank you so much for some support of me and my remixed musics. I know some of you just barely became a fan but I thank you anyway.

I've put a message on my old video uploaded during the summer here: UNFINISHED 8-BIT PROJECTS

| 2ND EDIT!!!!!: Here's a different link of me saying that I'm moving on: Last Video of 2013!! |

I've wanted to say this for a long time but never had the courage to say so but it states that I'm done with Mario Paint since July and now I'm done making 8-bit Remixes. I know I haven't been active a lot but on those days that I've been,  still want to say thank you for all your likes and favorites of my remixes ever since January 2011. It brings me a lot of pain to say this but I just want you to know that I need to move on and do the things that I've dream of: 3D Animation. And this, maybe, will be my last time here on Newgrounds. I had some great moments throughout all these years. Made some friends and fans (Hopefully I wasn't a major d*%k ) ^^;

Here's My Channal I'll be using starting next year:

And I wish you all the best of the best! CHEERS!!

Even though for me it's Christmas Eve, I just want to wish all of you a Very, Merry, Happy Holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I wish you all the best!! :D

I wish I've said this sooner, but I'm gonna take a break from Newgrounds and 8-bit musics for a while now.
I'm trying out some 3D Modeling or MMD animation.
When I'll be back? I don't know, whenever I feel like.

It was fun while it lasts.

Check out the one I've made earlier:
First MMD Animation

And just in case if I don't come back soon enough,
"Happy 'Early' Halloween!!"

Unfinished 8bit Projects! :D

2013-07-31 23:45:26 by SuperDragonMasters

Here I uploaded a video of some 8 bit projects I'm doing for a while before things get out of control in the future.

My Unfinished 8bit Compositions

Here are some songs I've already finished:
A2MT - Fast-Paced Theme (8bit)
Chrono Trigger - Unreleased Battle (8bit)
Chicago - It's Hard to Say I'm Sorry (8bit)
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) - Sacrifice Pt. 3 (8bit)
Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES) - Map Theme (8bit)
Hopefully, I'll get more done soon. :)

I'm Back!!!

2013-06-15 21:05:23 by SuperDragonMasters

Back from California, baby!!
Had an amazing week. I went to the Beach on the first day.
Next Day for dinner, I went to Medieval Times at Buena Park.
After it was Disneyland and California Adventure for the last 2 days.

During those last 2 days, I was in part of the parade (basically started it)
It was absolutely fun. Then we did a recording of any Disney Piece musics we played and was put onto an edited clip.
It sounded really cool. It was a once in a lifetime thing we did.

It was truly one of the greatest activity ever. Something I'll never forget!

Gone this week!

2013-06-10 08:51:04 by SuperDragonMasters

Starting tonight @ 6pm (MST Time Zone)
I'm gonna be gone in California for a whole week.
Going to Disneyland and/or possibly California Adventures.
It's for a School tour... Band mostly. So I won't be posting songs up for a while.
My Instrument is an Alto Saxophone. I've played it ever since 6th grade.
This will probably be my last time with my good old friends and section from High School.

When I come back, hopefully I'll get more 8 bit songs finished... It's gonna take a while to do so.
Anyway, Farewell.

Happy New Years!!!!!!

2013-01-01 08:35:33 by SuperDragonMasters

It was a great 2012, now I just want to move on in 2013.
But I got some bad news for people who like my music. I won't be on Newgrounds for a while like I did last year
so it's going to be a pain!!! But I'll see what I can do on my free time... if I get any free time.

The reason I didn't do more musics for a long while. It's because I haven't had audio for months. A little metal jack from my speakers was broken and stuck in the audio plugin.
but since on Saturday night (Mountain Time Zone), with a little help, got that little metal jack out and now got audio again!!

Maybe I'll might do more musics, but I'm busy at a moment.

But you can check my DeviantART Channel and see what I've been doing.


2012-06-22 11:50:58 by SuperDragonMasters

Horray! Today is my birthday! Cannot believe it!

Oh well, just gonna be another regular day I guess.